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Alco ADT 400 dipper

The Alco dipper – type ADT – is suitable for a wide range of applications. It is particularly suitable to coat products with media which are not pumpable, as for example heavy liquid batter, tempura and marinades. The products are guided through a bath of batter and marinade media via an upper and lower belt. In this process the covering media is not pumped and thus remain undamaged.

The machine is equipped with a separate swivelling outfeed conveyor preventing surplus coating media from penetrating into the subsequent machine.

In order to regulate the coating thickness the alco-Dipper is equipped with a blower which blows off the surplus coating media from the upper and lower side of the product. The belt speed of the complete belt system is infinitely adjustable via frequency drive.

By constructing the machine emphasis has been put as to achieve an easy cleaning of the machine. No components have to be dismantled for cleaning. The complete upper belt as well as the transport conveyor belt and the outfeed conveyor can be tilted into a cleaning position without use of any too

Standard features

  • adjustable production speed
  • suitable for thick coating media
  • no pumping of coating media, as product runs through a bath of batter and marinade
  • outfeed conveyor for an optimal transfer of the product to the following machine
  • complete stainless steel construction with food approved synthetic materials
  • operating panel is made of VA (IP 65)
  • high operational safety
  • machine is easy to clean
  • 4 heavy duty wheels with break, rotating 360°

Product examples

Nuggets, poultry pieces, barbecue products, shrimps, squid rings, vegetables, doughnuts and YOUR PRODUCT.

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