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Fomaco injector

320 needle fish/poultry injector

Excellent condition Fomaco injector for fish or poultry products.
The machine is very complete with brine tank/ mixer and a complete filter system for re-using the brine.

The M2 needle bridge for fish is specifically designed for processing of products with a very fragile structure. The valves are controlled electronically and can be setup to start and stop injecting at any predefined height resulting in precise salt distribution through the entire product. Further achievements are: No under-cure at skin, no over-cured tails, continuous operation and higher yield at your control.

The injectors for the fish processing industry are characterized by a needle bridge equip- ped with very fine needles giving a close in- jection pattern. The fish is injected at a low pump pressure preventing damage to the fragile meat structure and at the same time ensuring that the product is being injected at a precise and even injection level.

The standard M2 injector is delivered with an F-80 cartridge type filter. However, you can opt to upgrade the F-80 filter into the fully self-cleaning FM 80 protein filter. The FM 80 filter has a unique ability to remove all impurities contained in the brine. This will prevent the fine holes in the needles from being blocked – even after many hours of continuous production – which in turn ensures an even distribution of the brine/ marinade and improved product quality.


  • 1500kg per hour.
  • 700mm conveyor belt width.
  • 70mm maximum product height
  • 20-70 strokes per minute
  • Delivered with brine tank and filter for continuous production
  • 80 x 4 (320) needles

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