• Henkelman Polar 2-85
  • Henkelman Polar 2-85

Henkelman Polar 2-85 double chamber vacuum machine

This Henkelman vacuum machine Polar 2-85 is one of the largest double chamber vacuum machines that Henkelman can deliver.
With the largest Busch 300m3/h vacuum pump this machine is capable of packing at a very high speed. With the two available chambers this Henkelman 2-85 can be used very efficient so you lose as little time as possible.

The machine is very easy to program and set-up 10 saved programs.
Because the machine has a flat working service, no edges and ridges the Henkelman can be washed down in minutes.


  • Chamber Dimensions (L x W x H) 830mm x 840mm x 255mm
  • Sealbar Length (4 sealbars) 840mm.
  • 300 m3/h Busch vacuum pump
  • 10-30 second cycle time (depensing on set-up)
  • Machine is sensor controlled, when vacuum is reached the machine will automatically stop the cycle. This is for faster cycles.
  • Double seal for a strong and durable steal.
  • Complete stainless steel.
  • Delivered with insert plates for even faster packing cycles.

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