15May 2018

Handtmann VF100 portioning machine Straight our of production this Handtmann VF100 with many tools. Handtmann is the most popular brand of meat portioning machines world wide. The VF100 is a great addition to this, while its easy to use and very reliable. Very particular machine is in good working condition, with the tools to make […]

10May 2018
Ruhle GFR 450

Ruhle guillotine This Ruhle guillotine is a perfect machine to reduce the size of frozen meat blocks. Provides impeccable operation for a long time without repair. The cutting mechanism of the guillotine type block cutter ensures the quality grinding of the product into the same pieces. Chopped frozen meat is not subjected to rough crushing of fabrics and […]

10May 2018
Laska KR130

Laska bowl cutter Exellent condition fully stainless steel bowl cutter from Laska. This particular Laska KR130 is equipped with many options like an in-feed device to unload tote bins into the bowl of the machine. After the cutting process this machine has a discharge station to unload the processed product. It has a fully stainless […]

09May 2018
Norfo B35 portioning machine

Norfo B35 portioner This Norfo B35 portioner cuts products in very accurate portions both weight or size. Once you have set-up in the computer you want (for example) 50 gram portions, you place the product on the infeed conveyor belt. The products is transported underneath the ‘Laser and Camera system’ so the computer can calculate where […]

09May 2018

Loma IQ3 metaldetection Excellent condition Loma IQ3, now in stock. Machine is equipped with belt stop and a sound alarm en lighting alarm. Works from left to right. Machine is calibrated up to January 2019. Throughput dimensions are; 54,5cm wide x 21cm high The Loma IQ3 is a flexible, userfriendly and reliable metal detector which […]

19Apr 2018
lazy susan

Lazy susan New from stock, rotating tables also called a lazy Susan. Perfect for buffering products, bags or trays prior to further handling. This to prevent from overflowing and giving several issues in (automatic) production lines. Scotraco B.V. offers these new from stock, no ridiculous waiting times. Several available now.

19Apr 2018

Marel IPM portioning machine Now for sale this great Marel portion cutter. The machine is in excellent working order, ready for immediate production. This particular Marel is capable of making very accurate portions from fish fillets for example. By setting up the computer the machine will make a 3D model from the product through it’s […]

09Apr 2018
Marel batcher

Marel batcher This Marel batcher is in very good condition, Has only been in production for several weeks. The Marel speedpacker (SP20) is a solution designed to weigh and pack batches from continues flow of product with minimum give-away. The Marel has two flows of material, the coarse flow and the fine flow. The coarse […]

09Apr 2018
ceia with reject

Ceia metaldetector with automatic reject Very good condition Ceia metaldetector with automatic reject. Have a look at the video to see a simple test procedure of the machine. The machine is 150cm long and has a throughput of 350 wide x 150 high. For more photo’s click here.

04Mar 2018

Busch pumps, new in box All new Busch pumps from the R5 series. Ranging from very small up to 300 m3/h. Great quality and reliability, original from Busch. General information: Operationally reliable and cost-effective The rotary vane technology has been continuously developed and optimised by Busch for 50 years, with constant focus on both economy […]