30Sep 2018

Multivac R275mf skin-pack thermoformer Professionally taken out of production, in stock week 40. The Multivac R275 MF thermoforming packaging machine enables the production of MultiFresh™ vacuum skin packaging in large batches. It offers a great degree of variability with regard to MultiFresh applications. The packs are easy to open by means of an opening aid. […]

19Sep 2018
Henkovac compact traysealer

Henkovac compact traysealer Now available this semi-automatic Henkovac compact traysealer. Well known in the industry for it’s compact size with very good and reliable results. With the control panel the machine can save up to 10 programs for several types of packing set-ups. This allows for variable vacuum and gas-flushing for the ideal MAP result […]

07Sep 2018
Polyclip PDC700

Polyclip PDC700 Semi automatic double clipper. This machine has never been in production. Comes with several options like; Automatic loop-insertion Movable and pneumatically casing brake holder polyclip PDC 700 semi-automatic double-clipper, suitable for fibrous, plastic, natural and collagen casings, calibres up to 115 mm, suitable for clip sizes: S 735 / 740 / 744 The […]

07Sep 2018
Multivac t800

Multivac T800 traysealer Superb high-speed Multivac T800 traysealer from 2010. This machine is one of the biggest fully automatic traysealers that Multivac has to offer. The Multivac is capable of handling 90 trays per minute, depending on the mould in production and the set-up of the machine. The Multivac T800 is suitable for packaging large batches […]

05Sep 2018
Yamato line

Yamato weighing and packing line, complete line This line is currently being set-up in our warehouse. Will be finished and ready for production second/ third week of September. Complete from A to Z weighing and packing line. Always very well maintained, serviced till mid-august 2018. Professionaly taken out of production, now in stock and ready […]

29Aug 2018
grasselli rst520m

Grasselli skinner RST520-M This particular machine is in a very good condition. Have a look at the photo’s for a detailed overview. Ergonomic operating height and infeed area to improve product handling and safety, usable width 520 mm. Tempered tooth roller and heavy duty bearings to ensure durability and longevity, high tooth roll speed to […]

28Aug 2018
Marel speedbatcher

Marel speedbatcher This Marel speedbatcher is in very good condition, Has only been in production for several weeks. The Marel speedbatcher (SP20) is a solution designed to weigh and pack batches from continues flow of product with minimum give-away. The Marel has two flows of material, the coarse flow and the fine flow. The coarse […]

24Aug 2018
ceia with reject

Ceia metaldetector with automatic reject Very good condition Ceia metaldetector with automatic reject. Machine has been completely checked over, serviced and calibrated by a Ceia engineer in the second week of August 2018. Have a look at the video to see a simple test procedure of the machine. The machine is 150cm long and has […]

22Aug 2018

Multivac T250 Perfect for MAP packing. One of the most popular semi-automatic traysealers on the market. Very much similar to the well known Multivac T200. The main difference is that this machine is larger, stronger and more easy/faster to use. With the automatic drawer it’s much more easy for the worker to take out the […]

19Aug 2018
treif jaguar

Treif Jaguar The Treif Jaguar is an excellent easy to use portioning machine for several kinds of meat or similar sized products. Plug and play machine, easy to install, set-up and clean. Have a look at the video for an overview.