22Mar 2019

Baader 605 soft separator Superb condition Baader 605. Ideal machine to process/separate many types of poultry, meat, vegetable and fish products. This machine is delivered with a 1.3mm and 3mm. drum making it capable of processing a wide variety of products. This particular machine has a ‘pusher system’ installed to help ‘push/press’ products into the […]

07Mar 2019

Multivac R275cd skin-pack thermoformer Only ±360 production hours, like new. Multivac R275CD thermoformer capable of doing MAP (modified atmosphere packing) and SKIN-pack. Skin pack (or darfresh) is a film tightly secured around the product with a strong vacuum. For a very nice presentation of the product and longer shelflife benefits for numerous products. The Multivac is […]

01Mar 2019

Sia vacuum filler Good working condition Sia vacuum filler. Compact machine suitable for smaller production facilities. Delivered with twisting device and several tubes. Have a look at the video below of production without the twister.     

01Mar 2019

Ceia THS/MS 21 metaldetector 3 identical multi-spectrum Ceia metaldetectors. The metal detectors have a belt stop system with sound and light alarm if contamination has been found. ‘Belt stop’ systems work the most reliable to prevent contamination in your further production process. These detectors are all Multi-spectrum machines which makes them usable for a very […]

21Feb 2019
CFS Multiformer

GEA CFS Multiformer 400 The GEA MultiFormer is an easy-to-use plate former that use air and water to knock-out products. They are designed for low to medium capacity forming of poultry, pork, beef, fish and meat replacement products. This particular former is 400mm wide. The MultiFormer is the most versatile and flexible former for a […]

13Feb 2019

Multivac T250 compact traysealer Very common used traysealer from Multivac. Very popular because of it’s compact robust design and reliability. This particular machine has only been in production for roughly 200 hours, therefore a good working machine. The T250 has a fully automatic drawer, this means less heavy work and can work completely automatic or […]

12Feb 2019

CFS Multiformer Now for sale fully operational CFS Multiformer. Stainless steel mesh belt 400mm. wide. Machine is fed by an in-feed lift (not on photo yet) for tote bins. A double stainless steel infeed screw will feed the product to the mould. There are many moulds available, for example burgers, sticks and several other shapes. […]

11Feb 2019

Garos meat injector This Garos meat injector  has been equipped with 1 injection bridge and 1 tenderise bridge. This machine is set-up for meat processing. Belt width is 620mm and works as a ‘walking beam’. Capable of making steps ranging from 30mm up to 60mm. The machine can be set-up through a 15″ color touch […]

08Feb 2019

Multivac T300 automatic traysealer Compact fully automatic Traysealer from Multivac. Thanks to the compact dimension of this machine it can be placed in small production area’s/ facilities. Although the machine is compact it is very capable of reaching high capacity numbers. Machine is approximately 3.50 meters long. Full plug and play machine with build-in vacuum […]