15Nov 2017
  • Webomatic double chamber vacuum machine
  • Webomatic double chamber vacuum machine
  • Webomatic double chamber vacuum machine

Webomatic vacuum machine Excellent condition Webomatic vacuum machine. With two chambers, a 160m3/h Busch vacuum pump and 4 x 640mm sealers this machine is capable of packing many bags per minute. The Webomatic is also capable of packing delicate products while it has soft-air. This allows air to come back in the machine gently so […]

14Nov 2017
Sato labeller

Sato CL608e label printer Excellent condition Sato labeller. Multiple in stock, ready to go. SATO CL608e, Direct thermal / Thermal transfer, 203 x 203 DPI, 200 mm/sec, Wired, 18 MB, 4 MB For all information please find the manual by clicking here  

14Nov 2017
GKS vertical bagging

GKS CP300 HS VFFS Vertical bagging machine The CP 300 hs packaging machine is perfectly suited for high performance and is designed for a bag length of max. 460 mm. All heat-sealable film materials such as PP films or laminates can be processed on the tubular bag machine into representative bags An uncomplicated operation guarantees the […]

03Nov 2017
Treif puma portion cutter

Treif puma portion cutter Superb condition Treif puma. This machine can be set-up to cut in various thicknesses and speeds. The Treif is a strong, easy to work machine for large products. Capable of slicing product bone-in and boneless without any problem.

03Nov 2017
Innotech revo 3200

Innotech 3200 revo VFFS machine The Innotech 3200 revo VFFS machine is a superb all-round vertical bagging machine suitable for many industries. This particular model has been used to pack breaded frozen products and is in superb condition. Has been taken out of production late september 2017. Delivered with many new spare parts like: Multiple mould […]

03Oct 2017
Automatic weighing and packing line

Automatic weighing and packing line Complete automatic weighing and packing line. Custom built to your demands. This line has been built for a customer, looking for a similar solution? Contact us. The following line consists of: Automatic in-feed conveyor belt. Frequency controlled belt for a flexible feed of the product to the weighing machine. Once […]

17Sep 2017

Baader 605 meat separator For fish, meat, poultry and several other products. This particular Baader 605 separator is in good reconditioned condition. Ready for big production. The separator has been completely reconditioned, the deepest bearings have been swapped. Future proof with a new neoprene belt and a 5mm. drum that’s in superb condition. This to […]

08Sep 2017
Automatic strapper

Cyklop strapper Strapper from Cyklop with many rolls of strap material. Fully functional Cyklop automatic strapper. Suitable for large boxes, trays or crates. Feed in the product onto the roller conveyors, press the start button and push away to strapped box for a fast process. This machine comes with a pallet full with strap rolls. […]

06Sep 2017
Henkelman traysealer vortex

Henkelman Vortex Stunning condition Henkelman traysealer. The machine has been used very little and it shows. This is the perfect machine to pack many trays. Henkelman is one of the leading brands in the vacuum packaging machinery, resulting in a reliable and durable machine that is ready for years of heavy duty production. This Vortex […]

26Aug 2017
Fortress phantom metal detector

Fortress phantom detection system Large head for big boxes, trays or product. This fortress phantom metal detector is in good condition and ready for production. It’s the ideal machine for large sized product while the Fortress search head has a 450 x 320mm throughput. Complete constructed from stainless steel with an IP65 rating this detector can […]