19Dec 2016
Maja skinny derinder

Maja skinny derinder The conveyorized derinding machine SKINNY is the smallest and most appreciated derinder in butcheries. It can be used for automatic derinding of all flat pieces of meat, which are introduced into the machine through an infeed conveyor belt. In manual (open) mode, round pieces of meat can be derinded, too. The SKINNY […]

16Dec 2016

Rational cpc 101G Combisteamer Rational CPC 101 G Rational is the leading company in producing top quality combisteamers. The same goes for this CPC101G propane powered model. Setting up is a matter of seconds. The rational is easy to use and clean. Constructed completely from stainless steel this machine will effortlessly last with years to […]

15Dec 2016
Delford top and bottom labeller

Delford WPL 8100 labelling the Delford 8100 features the latest technology to create a high performance system. that maximises product through volumes, justifying investment through improved packhouse efficiencies. Operating at speeds of up to 90 packs per minute, the 8100 combines precision weighing and labelling quality with a range of features to create the optimum […]

15Dec 2016

CFS Tiromat thermoformer Good working machine, ready to go. Has an output of 12-15 cycles a minute. Combined with a 4 tray mould this can process up to 60 trays a minute. Open the attached .PDF file for more information. Available moulds: 218 mm x 95 mm – 4 x 2 pcs 205 mm x […]

15Dec 2016
Multivac R7000

Multivac R7000 A fully operational thermoformer from Multivac. This machine is from 1991, in a superb working condition. Mould dimensions are: 200 mm long, 420 wide – divided on 3 and 4 trays Click this link for more information