02Mar 2017
Holac automatic dicer

Holac slicer The Sect 28 CT is the high performance product in the holac portion cutter range. With its high output and perfect cutting quality, it guarantees outstanding performance. Thanks to the integrated computer controls, the cutting speed and cutting thickness are infinitely adjustable. When it comes to sanitation, the Sect 28 CT is quick […]

20Feb 2017
AM2C meat separator

AM2C meat separator Separating meat from the bone structure with superb yield. Now for sale this excellent 2010 model AM2C 1830 separator for several types of product. This machine is capable of processing many types of meat, poultry or fish with a very high yield. AM2C is one of the leading companies in the market […]

15Feb 2017
Ziegra 1000 kg/ 24 hour

Ziegra ice-machine 1000 kg. per 24 hour Reconditioned ice maker from Ziegra. This machine produces 1000 kg. per 24 hours of crushed ice. Has a new internal screw to feed the icecubes to the exit. Click here for more information.

10Feb 2017
Henkovac M4

Henkovac M4 single chamber packer Strong complete stainless steel machine. This is the first in the range of vacuum-packers with a flat work surface. Therefore this machine is very easy to clean, the sealbars can be taken of and the complete machine can be washed down without having the trouble of possible standing water in […]

09Feb 2017

Henkovac TPS compact XL MAP / SKIN-PACK Traysealers This Henkovac tps compact xl is one of the most popular machines in the industry. They are extremely robust, durable and reliable. With the easy to use control panel this can be installed and operational in minutes and used by anyone. General benefits: Both MAP (gas) packing […]

05Feb 2017
Multivac t700

Multivac T700 traysealer complete with labelling machine and safeline metal detector This complete Multivac T700 packaging line only ran 300 hours in production. Therefore this is as good as new. The Multivac T700 is a high output machine that can do up to 20 packing cycles per minute (depending on set-up) Has 3 moulds with several sizes […]

03Feb 2017
Ulma taurus 420

Ulma taurus 420 Fully automatic traysealer This Ulma Taurus 420 is a fully automatic traysealer with the possibility of modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) and vacuum packaging. The tray transport system with rods are for a fully automatic safe and fast production Automatic heat sealing machine, for the packaging of food products in pre-formed trays, closed […]

27Jan 2017
K+G wetter 90 liter bowl cutter

K+G wetter 90 liter bowl cutter. Cutmix 90 STL A superb 2015 new condition K+G wetter 90 liter bowl cutter. This is the pinnacle of bowl cutters in an exquisite condition. This machine performs like no other and will definitaly deliver to your high standard. K+G wetter constructs the best and most reliable bowl-cutters in […]

19Jan 2017
Yamato sigma

Yamato multihead weigher Sigma ADW 714SWH Large 14 headed Yamato multihead weigher from the sigma series. This machine is still being build today. Constructed completely out of stainless steel this machine has an IP65 rating and therefore suitable for moist products in moist production rooms. This particular model is a good working machine ideal for […]