03Feb 2017
Ulma taurus 420

Ulma taurus 420 Fully automatic traysealer This Ulma Taurus 420 is a fully automatic traysealer with the possibility of modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) and vacuum packaging. The tray transport system with rods are for a fully automatic safe and fast production Automatic heat sealing machine, for the packaging of food products in pre-formed trays, closed […]

27Jan 2017
K+G wetter 90 liter bowl cutter

K+G wetter 90 liter bowl cutter. Cutmix 90 STL A superb 2015 new condition K+G wetter 90 liter bowl cutter. This is the pinnacle of bowl cutters in an exquisite condition. This machine performs like no other and will definitaly deliver to your high standard. K+G wetter constructs the best and most reliable bowl-cutters in […]

19Jan 2017
Yamato sigma

Yamato multihead weigher Sigma ADW 714SWH Large 14 headed Yamato multihead weigher from the sigma series. This machine is still being build today. Constructed completely out of stainless steel this machine has an IP65 rating and therefore suitable for moist products in moist production rooms. This particular model is a good working machine ideal for […]

18Jan 2017
Ceia metaldetector

ceia metaldetector Very good condition Ceia metaldetector ths/3f. Straight forward conveyorized model with excellent performance. CEIA is the leading manufacturer of industrial metal detectors. This THS/FB conveyor belts satisfy the most stringent requirements of functionality, compact construction, accuracy and reliability of response in dealing with metal contamination in food products. THS/FB conveyor belts offer total […]

18Jan 2017
Handtmann Vf300

Handtmann VF300b vacuum filler handtmann Vf300b vacuum-filler. Machine has been in production till autumn 2016 and  in a good working condition. Has a lift for 200 liter totebins. Contact us for more information and quote. General specifications Filling capacity:  10,000 kilograms per hour Filling pressure:  up to 35 bar Up to 500 portions per minute […]

13Jan 2017
treif felix dicer

Treif felix Dicer Compact dicing and strip cutting machine. This treif felix is the benchmark for these types of machines. The small distance between the blade and grid-set, the so-called “scissors’ cutting principle”, is one of the essential prerequisites for achieving excellent cutting results. So-called „ goulash chains“ are prevented. The unique dual-stroke, two-part grid […]

09Jan 2017
wolfking belam needles

Wolfking belam injector Complete with brine mixing tank The Wolfking Belam brine injector is the perfect machine for fish and poultry injector for many parts from chicken with a compact height. This Injector comes with the complete set-up, Brine mixing tank, the tank is attached to the Brine filter. The brine filter tank and filter […]

29Dec 2016
Carnitech 2630

Marel 2630 salmon filleting filleting machine In very good condition marel 2630 salmon filleting machine. This machine is capable of processing up to 20 salmons per minute ranging from approx. 1 to 7 kg. The 2630 works with 2 circular knives and 2 round blades for an optimal yield. A deheaded salmon is placed with belly-up into […]

28Dec 2016
Webomatic e20

Webomatic e20 single chamber vacuum-packer Strong and reliable vacuum machine Complete stainless steel single chamber vacuum machine from Webomatic. This webomatic e20 is in good working condition with a big 065 m3/h pump from Busch for fast packaging cycles. Specifications: Machine dimensions (W x D x H) 505mm x 650mm x 1000mm Chamber dimensions ( W […]