Marel D-cut fish slicer for thin slices

Double lane, excellent condition

Excellent condition Marel D-cut fish slicer for thin slices. One operator can produce (ie.) Salmon with this machine. The operator adds a maximum of 2 salmon sides next to each other on the in-feed conveyor belt. The machine takes the Salmon to two blades that slice the salmon in very thin (adjustable) slicer of salmon.
Once the fish has been sliced the machine automatically moves the product to the out-feed conveyor belt. The operator can place 2 gold plates onto the roller conveyor belt. The machine will automatically feed the sliced fish onto these plates and move the gold plate forward by the salmon softly dropping onto the gold plate.

This particular machine is in excellent condition and has the capacity of two pieces of fish at the same time. By the touch-screen the operator can adjust settings like.

  • Slice thickness
  • Slicing speed
  • Slicing Angle

This machine is delivered with a spare new blade set and guide blocks.
It doesn’t need air or water, just power.
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This is the latest machine from Marel, very similar to the machine offered by us.

Marel geba D-cut salmon slicer