Marel IPM X400 portioning machine

Cutting in fixed weight or size

This Marel IPM X400 portioncutter is capable of performing the work from 4-5 workers and increasing the yield by cutting with a very high precision. The X400 is a single lane portioncutter operating at a cutting speed of 5 cuts per second.

The X400 is in comparison to the X300 a stronger model also suitable to portion larger fish species such as tuna and swordfish.
This Marel cutter combines conveying, weighing and a built-in computer to produce accurately portioned large-sized pieces of product.

Controlled by the dynamic M3000 graphic indicator, the IPM X400 can be switched between pre-programmed processes with only one keystroke. The Marel is very easy to use, operate and clean to ensure maximum results and efficiency.


Marel IPM X400