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Marel I-cut 10

New, never used Marel I-cut 10, fixed weight and fixed size portioning machine.

The I-Cut 10 PortionCutter is an accurate and reliable portioning machine designed to give immediate results on your bottom line. With only a few touches to the control panel you can move away from inaccurate cutting by hand to accurate portions of boneless meat products – beef, pork and veal – on weight every time.

The I-Cut 10 enables you to make substantial savings on labour because of the speed and versatility of the machine. Improvements in yield will furthermore secure a very fast payback on your investment.

The design of the machine makes it very easy to clean securing a high hygienic level and the small footprint means it will t into almost any plant layout.

For more information, please click this link for the official Marel website.
For more photo’s of the machine, click here.

Video of the actual machine

Fish Portioning

Meat Portioning