• Professional dishwasher
  • Professional dishwasher

Meiko dishwasher

Excellent second hand Meiko dishwasher

The idea behind the Meike K160 pi was to develop a machine with a small footprint that still offers powerful, high quality wash results. The creation of a compact commercial dishwashing machines is part of a philosophy that strives to meet the real needs of the hotel and restaurant sectors.

The K 160 offers a practical alternative to standard commercial dishwashing machine with manual hood operation, providing the perfect way to get a foothold in the world of rack transport dishwashers.

  • Maximum performance in a tremendously compact format
  • Modestly priced
  • Automatic process – only requires one operator at a time
  • Significant cost reductions thanks to shorter wash cycles, a better organised workflow, and economical use of water, electricity, detergent and rinse aid.

Professional dishwashing even where space is tight – MEIKO commercial dishwashing machine are the perfect choice. The baskets move steadily through the machine thanks to the highly reliable automatic transport system. And the wash and rinse systems work together perfectly – so you get hygienically clean dishware and glassware every time! The built-in energy saving system reduces your running costs to a minimum.

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Performance K 160 PI
Theoretical basket capacity 105
Technical data
Tank heating main wash zone 10 kW
Maximum final rinse water consumption in normal operation 260 l/h
Booster heater with heat recovery 12 kW
Booster heater without heat recovery 24 kW
Drying/air circulation 2200 m³/h
Drying: Heating capacity/fan 3/0.3

Professional dishwasher