Ishida checkweigher with rejector

  • Ishida checkweigher
  • Ishida checkweigher

Never used 2012 Ishida checkweigher. Fully automatic system with rejecter, production up to 5000 gr. with a 2 gram accuracy.

Ishida checkweigher with rejector

This Ishida checkweigher is an easy-to-operate control unit with a large 256-by-64-dot display helps eliminate reading errors, while the interactive operation system makes presetting extremely simple. Data is clearly shown on the screen, and graphs and histograms are provided for easy understanding and enhanced production.

This particular model has never been in production, very recently unboxed and assembled for re-selling (see photo’s)
The middle belt has been swapped from another machine, further new condition.

Double Load
Cell Two load cells are installed to significantly increase accuracy during high-speed processing.

Digital Filter
Greater accuracy at high speeds can be obtained utilizing digital processing which allows filter characteristics to be set automatically. Double Load

Key Specifications:

  • 5000 gram
  • 50 – 5000 gram
  • 2 gram accurate
  • 1 g.
  • 130 pieces per minute (max.)

Please find the Ishida checkweigher brochure under the tab ‘Documents’



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