Marel TargetBatcher 2012

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  • marel targetbatcher
  • marel targetbatcher

2012 TargetBatcher for very accurate batches. Ideal for larger more delicate products.

Marel targetbatcher

This particular TargetBatcher is from 2012 and in excellent working condition.
Putting the product manually on top of the scales the machine makes a good as possible (very accurate) batch. The scales open up and put the product to the second level of scales. Here the machine can make a combination of 14 choices to make an accurate as possible batch.

This machine is very accurate and is perfect for large more delicate product that cannot be processed with a multihead weigher.

– Accurate fixed-weight batches
– Reduced giveaway
– Increased throughput
– Easy to install, easy to use
– Equally suitable for small or large packages
– Throughput up to 30 batches/min, depending on product type and batch size

The Marel TargetBatcher is the easy way to reduce giveaway, combining a pre-determined number of fresh or frozen products into a package of exact weight.
With 7 high-accuracy individual scales and 14 holding bins the TargetBatcher selects the best combination of products in the fraction of a second.

In most packing processes, rework of under- or overweight packs becomes necessary to avoid penalties and giveaways. Rework is both labour intensive and time consuming, and the Marel TargetBatcher is an efficient and compact solution to most rework problems.

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