Multivac R 275 MF thermoformer

  • Multivac R275MF

Now for sale; a pre-owned Multivac R275MF SKIN-pack thermoformer. With the latest Multifresh technology.

Multivac R 275 MF

The Multivac R 275 MF thermoforming packaging machine enables the production of MultiFresh™ vacuum skin packaging in large batches. It offers a great degree of variability with regard to MultiFresh applications. The packs are easy to open by means of an opening aid. The machine can be optionally designed for the manufacture of vacuum and MAP packaging.

In the case of MultiFresh vacuum skin packing, a special skin film is used, which envelops the product without tension like a second skin, and which seals allover to the lower web. The upper web passes through a heating station to activate the film proper- ties, and it is then pre-stretched in the sealing die.

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