Busch R5 series

Top quality vacuum-pumps.

busch pumps

busch vacuum pumps

These Busch 5 vacuum-pumps are reliable, easy to service and deliver an astonishing performance.
The pumps can be found in many industries and also in all Henkovac vacuum-packers and traysealers
These pumps give you top performance and top reliability.
From the smallest 004 m3/h pump which used only very little power up to the strong highly powered 300m3/h pumps
for the demanding user.

In our parts-shop you can find all parts to service/ recondition these pumps.

Need help with finding the right one for your machine/ business?
Contact us and we will offer you the right one for the right price.

Busch R5 004 m3/h

Entry level R5 vacuum-pump. Very compact and light, can be used in the most compact spaces.

Busch R5 008 m3/h

The PB range consists of rotary vane vacuum pumps of very compact dimensions and high efficiency of the proven R 5 series. These pumps are ideal for use in applications and machines where space is limited.

Busch R5 016 m3/h

Very popular and common pump in many industries like the wood working and plastics industry. Also used in many table top vacuum-packers

Busch R5 020 m3/h

Using only 1.0 Kw of power this pump is highly efficient.

Busch R5 040 m3/h

Compared to the 063 m3/h pump this is much smaller, more quite and lighter.

Busch R5 063 m3/h

Compact 63 m3/h busch r5 vacuum-pump. Very easy to service and maintain, professional results

Busch R5 100 m3/h

Most common used R5 vacuum-pump in the food packing industry. Low maintenance which can be easily done by anyone.

Busch R5 160 m3/h

Strong 160 m3/h busch vacuum pump. Much used in the food-industry because of it's relatively compact design and high performance.

Busch R5 300 m3/h

The biggest busch R5 vacuum pump that we can offer. Apart from the regular service such as the oil and filters no further maintenance is necessary