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Henkovac packaging machinery has decades of experience constructing high quality, durable packaging machinery such as traysealers and vacuum-machines. Ranging from compact table-tops in the T-series for the small user, all the way to high speed double chamber machines for the industrial user. While constructing the machines from stainless steel with only premium parts and Busch vacuum-pump technology we can ensure maximum results.

Scotraco has many experience finding the perfect machine for your company. We can arrange transport and installation to set-up this machine exactly how you want it. Service and possible maintenance can also be done by our team, securing maximum uptime without any problems.

General benefits of dealing with Scotraco and Henkovac.

  • Top premium Henkovac quality for an economic price.
  • Fast delivery for machines and parts.
  • Service and maintenance for maximum results and up-time.

If you already own a vacuum-packer you can trade this machine for a new Henkovac.
We’ll give you a trade price for your old-machine and give this as a discount to your new vacuum-packer.
Contact us, send photo’s and information and we can initiate the process.

Henkovac TPS compact XL

This traysealer from Henkovac is one of the most popular machines in the industry. They are extremely robust, durable and reliable. With the easy to use control panel this can be installed and operational in minutes and used by anyone.

Henkovac TPS 2000 traysealer

This henkovac tps 2000 combines simplicity with efficiency. This machine is easy to operate and maintain. Moulds are easy to swap and very affordable. Contact us for more information.

Henkovac TPS mini traysealer

Straight forward Traysealer from Henkovac. Just sealing without vacuum/ gas

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