Meat processing

Meat processing machinery in many kinds and sizes.
Offering machines for small butcher shops up to large production factories.
From small compact equipment up to complete poultry cut-up lines, we strive to offer only the best machines for the meat industry for maximum up-time.

Offering well known top brands like K+G wetter, Laska, Carnitech, Handtmann and many more.

Koppens complete forming, breading and frying line

Good working condition Koppens forming line. Delivered with a koppens batter and breading machine, finished with a stork fryer.

Scanvaegt scangrader 4700

12 station grader from Scanvaegt. This line is capable of processing up to 240 pieces per minute.

Baader 603 separator incl. Kilia DM 114 grinder

Meat separator line consisting of a Kilia DM 114 grinder with Baader 603 separator. Baader 603 is capable of processing up to 2200kg/ hour.

Gunther PI 52 injector

This injector for meat is in great condition, delivered with a brine holding tank and filter

Injectstar 550 liter vacuum tumbler

Good condition vacuum tumbler, 550 liters with vacuum.

Marel B36 portioncutter

Excellent portioncutter to cut in fixed weight portions.This Marel B36 is the perfect machine for the meat, fish and poultry industry

Treif fox slicer

Excellent condition Treif fox slicer.

Holac automatic slicer

High output fully automatic slicer from Holac. With an automatic infeed this machine has a continuous production flow without having to stop.

Lima RM350 S meat separator

Meat separator that processes up to 2500kg per hour of meat, poultry or fish.

Vemag linking and hanging line

Fully automatic vemag linking and hanging line. Machine misses the transport belt but further in a good working condition.

AM2C 1830 separator

One of the most save decisions you can make in regards to separating your meat or fish. Turn possible waste into excellent new opportunities and develop new products.

Carnitech CT3401 frozen block cutter

Reconditioned Carnitech 3401 flaker. This machine breaks frozen blocks of meat into smaller pieces. Machine is in very good condition.

Tipper Tie Technopack KDCT 90

Fully reconditioned semi-automatic clipper from Tipper Tie. This machine is ideal for small to mid-range companies who are looking for a good working solution

Handtmann VF200 vacuum filler

In good working condition Handtman VF200. Machines comes with many important parts.

Kolbe k310 bandsaw

Straight forward stainless steel Kolbe K310 bandsaw.