Metal detector

Very important quality control machines that are mandatory in many industries.
Dealing with only the best brands to secure top quality and make sure every single products gets a thorough inspection to trace the smallest piece of metal. With running conveyor belts these machines don’t need manual labour to process through the metal detector.
Once a metal detector detects metal in the product the conveyor belt will come to a full stop to take away the faulty product manually or automatically with a rejection system.

Ceia metaldetector THS/3F

In very good condition Ceia THS/3F metaldetector. A conveyorized system with a new belt. Straight forward model that works flawless

Loma IQ3 Metaldetector

2010 Loma IQ3 metaldetector. Search head complete with Intralox conveyor belt.

Ishida checkweigher with Ceia metaldetector

Complete line for metal detection and checkweigher. Very good condition.

Lock metaldetector met 30+

3 x Lock metaldetection with automatic conveyor belt. These machines are in good working condition, ready to go.

Loma IQ metal detector with conveyor system

Good working Loma metal detector. Comes with a conveyor belt for automatic processing of the product. Stops and beeps when metal has been detected.

Ishida IX-GA-4075 X-ray

X-ray machine for the purpose of finding much more than just metal.

Fortress phantom metal detector

Fortress metal detector for large sized products or boxes. Assembled onto an intralox conveyor belt for automatic production.

Lock insight metaldetector

2014 Lock insight metaldetector. This machine is the latest addition the Lock metal detection series

Lock met 30+ metal detection

This Lock met 30+ is in excellent condition, ready to go. Can easily be implemented into an existing line or use separate