Ishida checkweigher, new showroom model

NEW showroom model Ishida checkweigher, Big price drop.

Loma IQ metal detector with conveyor system

Good working Loma metal detector. Comes with a conveyor belt for automatic processing of the product. Stops and beeps when metal has been detected.

Lock metaldetector met 30+

3 x Lock metaldetection with automatic conveyor belt. These machines are in good working condition, ready to go.

Ishida checkweigher with Ceia metaldetector

Complete line for metal detection and checkweigher. Very good condition.

Ishida checkweigher with rejector

Never used 2012 Ishida checkweigher. Fully automatic system with rejecter, production up to 5000 gr. with a 2 gram accuracy.

Scanvaegt grader, 2 x 4 stations.

Good condition 8 station grader from Scanvaegt. Available at the end of April.

Koppens complete forming, breading and frying line

Good working condition Koppens forming line. Delivered with a koppens batter and breading machine, finished with a stork fryer.

Scanvaegt scangrader 4700

12 station grader from Scanvaegt. This line is capable of processing up to 240 pieces per minute.

ziegra 2500kg ice-machine

This ziegra ice machine has barerly run in production. In superb condition, capable of producing 2500kg. per 24 hours.

Ziegra 1000kg/ 24 hour icemachine

Very good reconditioned ice-machine from top brand Ziegra. This machine produces 1000 kg. per 24 hour.

Yamato multihead weigher

Good condition Yamato multihead weigher. This Sigma series machines is capable of processing many kinds of products with a large size. With 14 heads this machine is capable of processing many KG's an hour.

Ceia metaldetector THS/3F

In very good condition Ceia THS/3F metaldetector. A conveyorized system with a new belt. Straight forward model that works flawless

Delford WPL 8100 labelling

Superb top and bottom labelling machine from AEW Delford. Machine can handle up to 90 pieces a minute. Serviced and in good working condition.