Packaging machines

Packaging machines

Vacuum-packers for manual packing, high speed traysealers and thermoformers for fully automated packing lines. These machines are capable of ensuring a top presentation and longer shelf life.

Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) is a way of extending the shelf life of fresh food products. The technology subsitutes the atmospheric air inside a package with a protective gas mix. The gas in the package helps ensure that the product will stay fresh for as long as possible.

Multivac T250 traysealer

Simply superb 2015 Multivac T250 traysealer. Fully automatic drawer, big Busch pump and film winder.

Boss Titan 950-X vacuum machine

Excellent 2015 model Boss double chamber vacuum-machine. The biggest model in the series, for high capacity packing.

Multivac T200 traysealer

This semi-automatic multivac T200 is from 2014 and in superb condition. Compact design with up to 6 cycles a minute. Ideal machine for the small to mid-size production companies.

Band all banding machine

This band-all is ideal to add promotions or other product information on your tray for example. Have a look at the video to see the process.

Vertical bagging line with metal detection

Excellent condition vertical bagging line with metal detection. Consisting out of a GKS CP300HS and the latest Lock insight from 2014 metal detection. Have a look at the video.

Webomatic double chamber vacuum machine

Excellent condition Webomatic machine. High speed performance, reliable and easy to work with.

GKS CP300HS Vertical bagging machine

Excellent condition 2010 VFFS (vertical bagging machine). Very compact, reliable and easy to use. Pack up to 25 bags per minute.

Henkovac TPS mini traysealer

Straight forward Traysealer from Henkovac. Just sealing without vacuum/ gas

Henkovac skin and map Traysealer

Superb compact machine that can pack SKIN and MAP without any adjustment.

Cryovac shrink tunnel

Good working condition Cryovac shrink tunnel. Machine has been checked over and is ready for production.

Multivac R70 thermoformer

2016 reconditioned Multivac R70 thermoformer. Good working condition, find the video

Innotech 3200 revo VFFS machine

Excellent plug and play Innotech vertical bagging machine. Good condition, ready for operation.

Jasa 350FV VFFS machine

Excellent condition Jasa vertical bagging machine. Comes with 3 several moulds for different sized pouches/ bags.

Cyklop automatic Strapper

Automatic strapper from Cyklop. Good working condition delivered with dozens of strap rolls

Henkelman traysealer Vortex

Excellent condition Henkelman Vortex traysealer. Complete with vacuum pump and air compressor