These types of machines are probably the most common way of packaging in the food processing industries.
With many several ways of packaging, this can be used in any industry.

Most popular are: 

  • Top sealing
  • Modified Atmosphere Packaging
  • Skin packaging

Works as follows: ( MAP )

  1. The product is put into a tray
  2. ( in case of an automatic machine ) The tray is placed (manually) onto the conveyor belt. The conveyor belt takes the tray to the mould.
  3. When the tray is set in position, the tray closes and the packing cycles starts. Here the tray can remove oxygen and replace it with a gas suitable for food.
  4. Once all parameters have been reached, the machines seals the tray with a film and seals it together.
  5. The mould releases and the tray can be transported to the exit conveyor belt.

Ranging from very small compact table top machines for small butchers shops, up to complete fully automatic processing lines, these machines come in literally all sizes.
Depending on your needs and wishes, we can offer you the perfect solution. Either new Henkovac traysealers or Second hand Ulma’s, Multivac, Henkovac etc.

With our technicians we can advise, transport, install, set-up and maintain your traysealer so that you don’t have to worry about any problems. All machines are checked over to make sure you won’t run into any downtime.

Contacts us for more information or a solution for your packing ‘problems’

Multivac T200 traysealer

This semi-automatic multivac T200 is from 2014 and in superb condition. Compact design with up to 6 cycles a minute. Ideal machine for the small to mid-size production companies.

Henkovac TPS 2000 traysealer

This henkovac tps 2000 combines simplicity with efficiency. This machine is easy to operate and maintain. Moulds are easy to swap and very affordable. Contact us for more information.

Ulma taurus 420 traysealer

Good working condition Ulma taurus 420 traysealer. Machine works completely automatic and works with vacuum and MAP.

Multivac T700 packaging line

Complete packaging line with an infeed belt, T700 traysealer, Labelling machine and metal detector. Comes with 1 mould set for 240 x 135mm trays

Henkovac TPS Compact traysealer

Very complete stand-alone traysealer from Henkovac. This machine can do both SKIN and MAP for a very competitive price.

Multivac T800 traysealer

2009 Multivac traysealer. Very high output machine delivered with 6 different moulds for several kinds of trays

Ilpra traysealer with MAP

Good condition semi-automatic traysealer from Ilpra. This machine is delivered with one mould. Suitable of packaging trays with vacuum and MAP.

Henkovac TPS Compact XL traysealer

Excellent condition Henkovac Traysealer. Available with an oxygen safe pump with many trays.

Henkelman traysealer Vortex

Excellent condition Henkelman Vortex traysealer. Complete with vacuum pump and air compressor

Henkovac skin and map Traysealer

Superb compact machine that can pack SKIN and MAP without any adjustment.

Henkovac TPS mini traysealer

Straight forward Traysealer from Henkovac. Just sealing without vacuum/ gas

Automac piu 55 stretch film packaging machine

2015 Automatic piu 55 packaging machine. Comes with many spare parts. Now for sale

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