Baader 601 separator

Superb baader 601 to separate soft meat from bones. Perfect for almost any type of fish. Can also be used for various meat and poultry products

Scanvaegt 7100 – 4 station grader

4 station grader from Scanvaegt. Unloads on 1 side, products up to 100cm's long.

CFS Tiromat thermoformer

Good working machine, ready to go. Has an output of 12-15 cycles a minute. Combined with a 4 tray mould this can process up to 60 trays a minute. Multiple moulds available.

Delford WPL 8100 labelling

Superb top and bottom labelling machine from AEW Delford. Machine can handle up to 90 pieces a minute. Serviced and in good working condition.

Multivac R7000 thermoformer

This thermoformer is fully operational and ready for inspection.

Systemate cut-up line

Good working systemate poultry cut-up line. Contact us for more information and location

Multivac T200 traysealer

This semi-automatic multivac T200 is from 2014 and in superb condition. Compact design with up to 6 cycles a minute. Ideal machine for the small to mid-size production companies.

Rational cpc 101G

Rational is a leading brand for combisteamers like this CPC propane powered machine. Was in production till the very last day. In good working condition, ready to go.

Ishida checkweigher with rejector

Never used 2012 Ishida checkweigher. Fully automatic system with rejecter, production up to 5000 gr. with a 2 gram accuracy.

Forming machine for balls or burgers

Stand-alone forming machine for balls or burgers. New never used machine.

Ishida checkweigher with Ceia metaldetector

Complete line for metal detection and checkweigher. Very good condition.

Multivac R175 CD Skin-pack thermoformer

Full automatic Multivac thermoformer with Skin-pack technology. In production since november 2014, available soon