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Rational CPC 101 G

A gas powered combisteamer from Rational.
This particular model is gas heated so it used very little power.
In superb working condition. Was in production till 21-december 2016.
Has capacity for 10 1/1GN tray’s.

Rational is the leading company in producing top quality combisteamers. The same goes for this CPC101 gas powered model.
Setting up is a matter of minutes. The rational is easy to use and clean. Constructed completely from stainless steel this machine will effortlessly last with years to come.

The display will tell you exact temperatures and will work on a program ideally for your product.
This machine can process many different products in the most common groups as fish, meat and vegetables

Key features:

  • Compact
  • Installed and set-up in minutes
  • Completely stainless steel
  • Gas powered

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