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Baader 605 meat separator For fish, meat, poultry and several other products. This particular Baader 605 separator is in good reconditioned condition. Ready for big production. The separator has been completely reconditioned, the deepest bearings have been swapped. Future proof with a new neoprene belt and a 5mm. drum that’s in superb condition. This to […]

Baader 52ds deep skinner Reconditioned Baader 52ds with the deep skinning option. This Baader 52ds operates both as a normal skinner and a deep skinner. With normal skinning the silver film stays on the fillet, while with deep skinning the skin is removed together with the fatty layer between the skin and the muscular tissue […]

Baader 208 filleting machine This Baader 208 filleting machine is the successor to the 188 baader filleting machine. Suitable for several kinds of fish like:  hake, haddock, saithe, cod Size range: 30-50cm Weight range: 400-1300g This Baader 208 has been taken out of production and stored away outside for a while. Therefore the condition is […]