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Treif felix


Compact dicing and strip cutting machine. This treif felix is the benchmark for these types of machines.
The small distance between the blade and grid-set, the so-called “scissors’ cutting principle”, is one of the essential prerequisites for achieving excellent cutting results. So-called „ goulash chains“ are prevented.

The unique dual-stroke, two-part grid system facilitates precise dicing and strip cutting of the most delicate products by providing twice the normal cutting length at reduced cutting pressure.

This particular machine is in good working condition, comes with 2 complete sets of blades.

General benefits.

  • • Inconvenient pre-cutting of the products is a thing of the past thanks to the spacious cutting chamber
  • • Optimum product compression as a result of the automatic pre-compression system
  • • The compact and space-saving design is perfectly suited for the needs of small businesses
  • • Gentle cut of delicate products as a result of the dualstroke technology: It provides dual cutting lengths at a reduced cutting pressure.
  • • The „ click & go“ quick change gridset system ensures that the grids can be exchanged in a matter of seconds if they need to be replaced or cleaned.

treif felix dicer

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