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Safeline metal detector
[:en] Safeline metal detector Straight forward Metaaldetector from safeline. Work with belt-stop after faulty product has been detected. Net throughput dimensions; 50cm wide x 20.5cm high Total length of the belt; 180cm Have a look at the video for a quick impression. [:de] Rational cpc 101G Combisteamer Rational CPC 101 G Rational is a leading […]
Ceia THS/MS 21 multispectrum metal detector
Ceia THS/MS 21 multispectrum metal detector 3 identical multi-spectrum Ceia metaldetectors. The metal detectors have a belt stop system with sound and light alarm if contamination has been found. ‘Belt stop’ systems work the most reliable to prevent contamination in your further production process. These detectors are all Multi-spectrum machines which makes them usable for […]
Ceia THS metal detector
Ceia THS metal detector Excellent condition Ceia metal detector. This Ceia THS search head is build on an original Ceia frame and electrical components. When the machine detects metal polution in the product the belt will stop and an alarm will sound. This gives you the time to take away the faulty product and afterwards […]
Ceia THS 21 metal detector
[:en] Ceia THS 21 metal detector Excellent condition Ceia metaldetector with automatic reject system for a continuous production flow. The THS 21 (ms) multi-spectrum search head is the most high-end machine that Ceia has to offer. Offering the best technology suitable for almost every product. The Ceia search head and the frame are all originally […]
Ceia THS 21 multi-spectrum metal detector
Ceia THS 21 multi-spectrum metal detector Excellent condition Ceia metaldetector with automatic reject system. For all information find the brochure in the attachment tab. -Ultra high sensitivity to all magnetic and non-magnetic metals, including stainless steel -Multi-Spectrum Technology for extreme compensation of the product effect -High immunity to environmental interference -AISI 316L stainless steel construction […]
Detectronic metal detector
Detectronic metal detector Very good condition pre-owned Detectronic metal detector. The brand detectronic still offers these search heads new. This particular model has a white intralox conveyor system for an automatic throughput of product. The large head is capable of processing high baskets. Detectronic metal detectors are among and the most reliable on the market. We […]
Fortress phantom metal detector
Fortress phantom metal detector Large head for big boxes, trays or product. This fortress phantom metal detector is in good condition and ready for production. It’s the ideal machine for large sized product while the Fortress search head has a 450 x 320mm throughput. Complete constructed from stainless steel with an IP65 rating this detector […]
Loma IQ metal detector with conveyor system
Loma IQ metal detector With conveyor belt Good working Loma IQ metal detector. With intralox conveyor belt that can be adjusted to various heights to fit into an existing production line.
Loma IQ3 Metal detector
[:en] Loma IQ3 Metal detector This Loma IQ3 metal detector is attached to an Intralox conveyor belt for a complete set-up. 2010 model in great condition, plug and play. The Loma IQ3 is a flexible, userfriendly and reliable metal detector which has a very high detection precision with up to 70 frequencies versus just 3 […]