Bilwinco multihead weigher 32 heads

In stock, available separate or with gantry and feeding lifts and vibratory feeder.

Stunning like new 32 heads Bilwinco Multihead weigher from 2017

– General information
Fully stainless steel
Dimple plated to prevent products from sticking.
Collection gate for a more controllable and faster speed
Available with in-feed system, vibrating in-feed and platform.

More specific information will follow shortly.
Below more information from the Official Bilwinco website.

The series of the new compact revolution multihead scale ensures smaller footprint, higher speeds and better performance.

  • UNBREAKABLE LOAD CELLS – the only multi- head scale on market offering such reliable concept!
  • UNBELIEVABLE LOW COST OF OWNERSHIP (COO) – lowest on market, just a fact.
  • UNBEATABLE GIVEAWAY – gasket free direct weighing with 25% less giveaway versus traditional multihead weighers.

The Revolution Compact Series comes with the larg- est Touch Screen HMI on the market for Multihead Scales. Size matters. The user-friendly 15″ Screen features OEE readings (Operating Equipment Ef- ficiency), Statistical data, Help and Trouble Shoot- ing Menus and much more. The HMI is cased in a smooth and easy to clean stainless steel IP65 frame.

Tired of replacing load cells?
No one else offers gasket free direct weighing with a robust 300% overload protection in all directions. Replacing load cells is basically history. All this keeps your uptime high while giveaway and cost of ownership is kept lowest ever.

Each channel has its own pre-charge bucket and weighing bucket. At the end of the day it gives you less product build up, less buckets to keep clean and less product damage – compared to machines with additional combination buckets.