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09Sep 2019
Innotech revo 3200

Innotech 3200 revo VFFS machine The Innotech 3200 revo VFFS machine is a superb all-round vertical bagging machine suitable for many industries. This particular model has been used to pack breaded frozen products and is in superb condition. Delivered with many new spare parts like: Multiple mould sizes Complete plug-and-play sealbars Festo air valves and parts, […]

06Aug 2019

Multivac T800 automatic traysealer New 300 m3/h Busch R5 vacuum pump 275 x 175 mould Option to work with Oxygen (preferred for meat) Option to work with Liquids In-feed conveyor belt Superb high-speed Multivac T800 traysealer from 2011 This machine is one of the biggest fully automatic traysealers that Multivac has to offer. The Multivac […]

22Jul 2019

[:en] Jasa 350FV Quattro Excellent condition Jasa vertical bagging (vffs) machine. This particular machine is from 2007, barely used and in a very good working condition. Machine is currently stored in a dry facility, it’s immediately available. There is 1 tool for 110 x 105 bags with the machine. This tool has been used for […]

10Jul 2019

Multivac T250 semi-automatic traysealer Excellent working condition Multivac T250 Traysealer. Very easy to install and set-up through the control panel that can store many pre-programmed set-ups for all kinds of products. Compared to the Multivac T200 this machine has an automatic drawer that can be operated fully automatic or by the push of one button. […]

10Jul 2019

Multivac T300 compact automatic traysealer Stunning addition to our already large Multivac stock. This Multivac T300 is an entry-level automatic traysealer with a lot of benefits. Thanks to it’s compact design this machine is perfect for many production facilities with little space. Work fully automatic, press start and the machine does the rest. The machine […]

10Jul 2019

[:en] Mesutronic MN 7.0 metaldetector Up for sale, excellent working condition Mesutronic metal detector. Machine has an intralox belt and works with belt stop if metal has been detected. The machine is from 2012 and therefore one of the most recent additions to what Mesutronic has to offer. Please find more information from the official […]

10Jul 2019

[:en] Ceia THS/3F metaldetector Very good condition Ceia metaldetector ths/3f. Straight forward metaldetector with automatic reject. Compact machine that can easily be integrated into an existing production line. This THS/3F is a multi-spectrum machine suitable for a wide variety of products. CEIA is the leading manufacturer of industrial metal detectors. This THS/FB conveyor belts satisfy […]

04Jul 2019

[:en] Multivac T200 traysealer Semi automatic traysealer from multivac. Semi automatic Multivac T200 traysealer. Easy to use, clean and maintain. Because of it’s compact design this multivac can be put in very small operating places/ kitchens. The multivac is capable of processing up to a maximum of 6 cycles per minute. Depending on the set-up […]

25Jun 2019

[:en] Lock met 30+ metaldetector with checkweigher Good working condition metaldetector and checkweigher with reject. Last calibration on both the metaldetector and checkweigher has been done last year in 2018. Nett throughput dimensions of the metaldetector are; 34 cm wide x 16 cm high Have a look at the video below for a quick impression. […]

19Jun 2019

[:en] Mettler-Toledo Safeline checkweigher Like new 2016 Mettler-Toledo Safeline checkweigher with automatic reject by air. Currently capable of weighing 96 pieces per minute. [:de] Rational cpc 101G Combisteamer Rational CPC 101 G Rational is a leading company in producting top quality combisteamers. The same goes for this CPC101G propane powered model. Setting up is a […]