Ceia multi-spectrum metaldetector

Great condition Ceia multi-spectrum metaldetector. Being a multi-spectrum machine gives the highest performance in a wide variety of products. Even the toughest moist products are easily checked for metal without detecting the water. Exclusively developed by CEIA, this is a unique metal detection technology that both optimizes sensitivity to all metal contaminants and minimizes product effect in a very wide range of possible products.

By recognizing the different frequency response of conductive products and metals, this innovative technology cancels product effect and maintains high performance levels for all types of metal contaminants, both magnetic and non-magnetic.

More information about the ‘multi-spectrum’ working range can be found on the official Ceia website.

The competition can’t compete with this machines’ accuracy and performance. The head is 350mm wide x 150mm high. The belt uses 20mm. of this height giving it a ‘gate’ of 130mm high.

The machine can easily be adjusted in sensitivity and speed through the control panel or buttons on the control box. When metal has been detected the belt stops, alarms sound and light up. 2 pieces available from stock immediately. In case you are looking for a different kind of metal detector please have a look here.

Have a look at the video below for a quick overview.