Henkovac MAP traysealer

Very popular Henkovac MAP traysealer for sale from stock. This is the most well equiped version available. With a build in Oxygen safe Busch pump and air compressor this machine only needs power supply and it’s ready for production. The oxygen safe vacuum pump makes it possible to use for a high Oxygen concentrated gas-flush (MAP) ideal for in the meat industry.
There is also an optional automatic film winding system installed. After the packing cycle has been completed the machine automatically unwinds the film for the next cycle (manual model also in stock). Scotraco is official distributor for Henkovac traysealers, in any case of parts or service we can easily provide this.

General information;

  • Compact in size
  • Build in Oxygen Busch vacuum pump and air compressor
  • Automatic film unwinding
  • 1/2 gastro mould, 325 x 260, more available.
  • Fully automatic plug and play machine.

Have a look at a video from the test-run below