Hiwell battering and breading line

Brand new Hiwell breading line, contact us for a demo.

This battering and breading line consist of a Hiwell Breading Machine SXJ400-V and a Hiwell Battering Machine SJJ400-V.

Hiwell Breading Machine SXJ400-V

Hiwell SXJ400-V breading machine has been proved to be ideal for processing of chicken, beef, pork, fish and shrimp, etc. Uniformed breading is what this food processing equipment is recognized for. This is resulted from the utilization of upper hopper and lower wire belt.

This breading machine is compatible with forming machine, battering machine, flouring machine, frying machine, instant freezer and packaging machine, thus forming an automatic deli production line. In addition, customized food processing solution is available to cater to your exact needs.

1. Thanks to circulating system, this stainless steel breading equipment comes with exceptional crumb efficiency.
2. Refined and crude crumbs are all suitable.
3. Dependable protection devices and Siemens electronic components are the strong background for stable and reliable performance.
4. Featuring stainless steel robust structure and well-conceived design, our breading machine is fabricated to meet HACCP standards.

Technical Parameters

Conveying Speed 3-15m/min (Variable Frequency Speed Control)
Input Height 1050±70mm
Output Height 1050±70mm
Belt Width 400mm
Power 3.7kW
Overall Dimension 2638×1056×2280mm

Hiwell Battering Machine SJJ400-V

Hiwell SJJ400-V battering machine emerges as the perfect solution for coating chicken, beef, pork and seafood such as fish and shrimp, etc. This food processing equipment utilizes battering curtain and batter tank at bottom to offer uniformed coating effects. Our battering machine can be used as stand-alone equipment for processing procedures prior to breading machine and flouring machine.

Moreover, this meat product battering equipment is also compatible with forming machine, breading machine, flouring machine, frying machine, steaming machine, instant freezer and packaging machine, thus forming automatic deli production line. Customized processing solution is offered upon request.

1. This automatic battering machineis fitted with outstanding batter pump which brings minimized impacts to viscosity of batter.
2. Featuring dependable safety system and Siemens electronic components, customers benefit from ensured performance.
3. The entire battering machine is fabricated with quality stainless steel to meet HACCP requirements.

Technical Parameters

Conveying Speed 3-15m/min (Variable Frequency Speed Control)
Input Height 1050±50mm
Output Height 1050±50mm
Belt Width 400mm
Power 2.6kW
Overall Dimension 1900×935×1450mm

400mm wide batter/ breading line from Hiwell.