Kronen washing line

Excellent condition Kronen washing line for vegetables, salads etc.
Official paperwork from this specific line is available upon request.

Washing machine GEWA 3800B PLUS with belt outfeed for medium capacities, for example approx. 200-1000 kg per hour, depending on product. Efficient and gentle washing of lettuces, vegetables and fruit by means of adjustable water rotation. Line is completed with a drying system for further processing of the products.
The line is equipped with a water cooler for ‘chilled water cleaned products’

  • Insect & floating particle rotary removal devicefor more delicate products and leafy products. The insect removing drum can be easily lifted out of the washing tank (for example for cleaning). Opposed to other systems, KRONEN insect removal drum is conceived open and easily accessible for cleaning and service. The device meets the highest industry standards and safety regulations.
  • The lateral fines removal drum allows continuous washing with GEWA Plus machines, without ever blocking the filters on top of the pump tank – even on foamy products and products with high quantity of fines. The fines drum has a 0.5 mm opening wedge wire and filters circulating washwater, protecting the GEWA water pumps from particles. Water flows through the filter drum back to the pump tank. A scraper removes all retained particles from the drums filter surface.
  • The KRONEN WMS system enables centrally controlled filling and emptying of the washing machines. During operation, the water level in the washing machine is automatically controlled via an additional level sensor. If the water level drops too low, the pneumatic inlet valves are automatically opened for fresh water supply.
  • The KRONEN air system allows taking advantage of the HELICAL washing system in combination with the advantages of the floatation washing systems. Air is blown through pipes with multiple perforations which can easily be installed anytime into the wash tank, creating air bubbles in the water. This combination of minimum water flow intensity and the air bubbles system leads to better overall washing quality and product care. Specially when used for delicate products, such as whole leaves or some difficult products as parsley, Lollo type lettuce and baby leaves.

Have a look at the video below for a quick impression.