• Marel speedbatcher
  • Marel speedbatcher

Marel speedbatcher

This Marel speedbatcher is in very good condition, Has only been in production for several weeks.
Combined with a custom build conveyor belt for feeding of the product.
Controlled by a frequency inverter and sensor to work together fluently with the Marel speedbatcher.

The Marel speedbatcher (SP20) is a solution designed to weigh and pack batches from continues flow of product with minimum give-away. The Marel has two flows of material, the coarse flow and the fine flow. The coarse flow is used at the beginning, but when the batch gets close to the desired weight the system switches over to the find flow to finish the batch. It’s ideal for small products in larger batches when high throughput and great accuracy is needed.

  • High throughput – Up to 10 batches per minute
  • High accuracy, within 1 or 2 pieces per batch.
  • User friendly software
  • Ideal for products like shrimps, diced/ sliced meat and selected poultry parts. Max length 100mm. Maximum width 50mm.
  • 10 kg. max batch size.