Mettler Toledo metal detector

New condition
This particular Mettler Toledo metal detector is in stunning new condition.
Plug and play machine with belt stop. With the large head this machine can process very big products and even E2 crates.
– Aperture; 265mm high x 500mm wide
– Belt length; 197cm
Official information from the Mettler Toledo website;

Detecting More Metal in Challenging Applications
Profile Advantage and Profile Advantage LS metal detectors utilise the latest multi- simultaneous frequency technology to push metal detector performance to another level. This technology incorporates a product signal suppression technique to effectively cancel out the product signal from difficult to inspect products. Cancelling these product signals or the effect of the package makes it easier to detect metal contaminants up to 50% smaller than previously possible.

Improving your Competitiveness
Profile Advantage and Profile Advantage LS metal detectors are designed to be the most reliable piece of equipment on your production line. They offer improved brand protection and compliance with food safety standards while reducing the cost of operating a world class food safety programme.

Supporting your Compliance Needs

When installed at critical control points in your process, Profile Advantage and Profile Advantage
LS metal detectors enable your business to comply with the requirements of HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) and the broader needs of external food safety regulations and standards.

Profile Advantage and Profile Advantage LS systems support compliance with the latest GFSI standards and external codes of practice including:

  • BRC(BritishRetailConsortium)
    All Major Retailer Standards
    Food-Safety Modernization Act