Meyn batter and breading line

Good working condition Meyn batter and breading line.
400mm line.

The first machine (batter machine) applies batter to the product. This line comes with a batter mixer.
The product is placed on the conveyor belt, the belt will move the product forward to the shower of batter for the top of the product. After the shower the product will dip into a bath of batter to make sure the entire product is coated with batter. This is to make sure the bread crumbs will stick nicely onto the product.

After the products are battered the product will move forward to the breading machine. This machines also works with a shower of bread crumbs and a bath. Once the product is breaded a blower will blow of all excess bread crumbs for a nicely even coated product. Bread crumbs will be collected by the machine and will be fed into the hopper again so there is as little loss of crumb as possible.

Scotraco also supplies brand new Batter and breading lines from Hiwell. Find more information here.