Multivac R126 thermoformer

Multivac R126 thermoformer from 2016 is in new condition with only ±62 production hours. High performance machine with compact dimensions so this machine can easily be fitted into (existing) production lines.

This Multivac is a soft-film machine with a MAP (gas-flush) option installed.
Comes with 2 relatively large moulds that can pack up to several kilo’s per pack, roughly 2.5 and 5kg. The depth can be adjusted to make the mould shallow or deeper depending on the requirements.

With the large vacuum pump installed this machine is plug-and-play, and can be easily set-up through the large touch display.

General specifications;

  • Soft film (422mm wide bottom film)
  • ±8 strokes per minute, depending on set-up.
  • 4715mm long x 1104mm wide x 1815mm high.
  • 3×230/400V, 50Hz, 12Kw
  • Compressed air 7-10 bar.
  • Photo cell for pre-printed top film

Have a look at the video below for a quick overview.