Multivac R535 thermoformer with Mettler Toledo inspection

Now in stock; full 2016 (September) line consisting of the following machinery;
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This line has been used very little with 528 production hours on the Multivac.

Multivac R535
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The 5 series is the largest series available from Multivac.

  • Film width 580mm
  • Jumbo film unwind.
  • Automatic Videojet date printer
  • 600 m3/h Busch pump set-up, with 100 m3/h Busch pump for forming
  • More information will follow soon.

Stunning machine in new condition.

Mettler Toledo XE3

  • Increasing Your Efficiency
    Performance and value, combined with a wide array of package handling, production monitoring, control and communications options, make the XE3 optimally suited to checkweighing applications in virtually all sectors of industry.
  • Flexible height adjustment, reversible transport direction and optional wheeled mobility package allow this checkweigher to rapidly adapt to your changing production requirements throughout its long service life.
  • The 7″ colour touchscreen user interface has a very intuitive and easy to use multilingual icon-based menu system with unlimited user profiles. This makes product setup and changeover procedures both fast and efficient, thereby minimising downtime and operator training requirements.

Mettler Toledo Safeline X33 X-ray.
X-ray system with reject for faulty products.
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X33 Series
Simply Safeguarding Businesses. Designed for ease-of-use, the X33 offers high detection capabilities, safeguarding brands and consumers, while its low energy consumption reduces the Total Cost of Ownership.

  • Software Facilitates Operator Control
    Proprietary software enables operators to effortlessly program semi-automated product set-ups with minimal training required, ensuring uptime.
  • Maximizes Production Space Efficiency
    Available at 800 or 1800mm system lengths, the X33 requires less line space to accommodate production planning constraints wherein space is a premium.
  • Sustainable Low Energy Solution
    Powered by a 20W generator, the X33 is a low energy inspection solution delivering reduced Total Cost of Ownership.

Multivac L310
Top and bottom labeller for (thermoformed) trays.
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With its L 310 conveyor belt labeller, MULTIVAC Marking & Inspection offers a high-output and versatile system for labelling a wide range of products and packs, such as for example trays, boxes, tubs and thermoformed packs. The modular construction, combined with a large number of options for product handling, printing and inspection, enables it to be ideally matched, both technically and commercially, to a wide range of products and labelling tasks.