• Polyclip PDC700
    Polyclip PDC700
  • PDC700 semi-automatic clipper
    PDC700 semi-automatic clipper
  • Clipper from Polyclip
    Polyclip clipper
  • Clipper from Polyclip
    Clipper from Polyclip

Polyclip PDC700

Semi automatic double clipper.

This machine has never been in production.

Comes with several options like;

  • Automatic loop-insertion
  • Movable and pneumatically casing brake holder

polyclip PDC 700 semi-automatic double-clipper, suitable for fibrous, plastic, natural and collagen casings,
calibres up to 115 mm, suitable for clip sizes: S 735 / 740 / 744
The clipper is attached to a mobile trolley that can be changed in height, so the clipper can fit in most processing lines without many adjustments.


The PDC7 00  semi-automatic clipper can be placed as required in front of or coupled mechanically with the filler. When the operator closes the separator, the filled casing is centred at the closure site, separated without emulsion and securely doubleclipped. The knife automatically cuts off the desired portions according to the sausage chain lenght adjustment. For hangingup the sausages, loops can be inserted and clipped automatically

PC700 Specifications:

  • Dimensions W x D x H
    • 1000 x 780 x 1795mm
  • Weight: 118kg.
  • 0.1Kw / 2.5A
  • 4-6 Bar Air

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