Baader 600 soft separator

  • Baader 600

2017 separator, in excellent like new condition.

Baader 600 soft separator

Superb condition Baader 600 from 2017. Excellent machine for soft separating fish, meat and poultry products.
Machine comes with many new original Baader parts.

*below information found on the official Baader site*

Technical Data:

  • Operator requirements: 1 person
  • Drum hole diameter: 3mm
  • Throughput:
    The throughput is dependent upon several factors including: type of product, hole diamter, in-feed device, material pre-treatment (e.g. degree of pre-grinding), feeding temperature, selected pressure etc. The values for each application are individually determined between the customer of the machine and the supplier.

Customer Benefits:

  • Highest end product quality/gentle product processing
  • Hygienic stainless steel, compact construction
  • Reduced labour costs
  • User-friendly and ergonomic operation
  • Simplified cleaning and servicing easy and time saving cleaning
  • Hygienic standards recognized world-wide
  • Reduced machine wear
  • CE /ETL labelled – USDA approved
  • Heavy-duty castors for easy machine handling


Different raw product can be gently refined, e.g.:

  • fillet with or without skin
  • skin strips and trimmings
  • whole main bones and collar bones

A flexible squeezing belt transports the product to a perforated drum and gently squeezes the fish meat through the perforation. The harder particles such as bones, fins and skin remain outside of the drum. The raw product and the hole diameter of the drum determine the texture of the final product.

Customer Benefits

  • superior product quality
  • product free from bones and skin
  • highest yield
  • economical and profitable process
  • revaluation of lower quality meat

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