Bilwinco BW214-W multihead weigher

  • Bilwinco BW214-W

14 heads Bilwinco multihead weigher. Constructed with fully dimple plated stainless steel gutters and buckets.

Bilwinco BW214-W multihead weigher

14 heads Bilwinco multihead weigher. Build with stainless steel dimple plated gutters and buckets, this to prevent product from sticking. Weighing range per buckets from 10 gram – 250 gram.
Buckets are large which makes it suitable for high volume products as well.

Delivered with discharge ‘collection’ gate at the bottom of the machine. This is used to collect the portions and speed-up the machine and work very efficient with a packaging machine.
‘Off-weight’ products can be discharged and be removed before progressing to the packaging machine.

Have a look at the video below for a quick overview.

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