Ishida and Ceia checkweigher with metaldetector

Excellent condition Ishida checkweigher with Ceia metaldetector. Controlled by large touch-screen control panel. Machine has 2 reject arms for faulty products

Ishida and Ceia checkweigher with metaldetector

Reconditioned Ishida checkweigher with Ceia metaldetector combination. This machine can automatically remove wrong products from the production line with the 2 rejectors. Both arms can be individually set-up if the product is ‘off-weight’ or has metal contamination. The machine 3 new conveyor belts, 2 new swinging arms and has been checked over.

The Ishida DACS-W checkweigher can weigh products up to 5000 gram.
Everything can be controlled in the large Ishida touch panel.

Have a look at the video below for a quick impression of its capabilities.

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