Marel I-cut 10 portioncutter for fish and meat

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NEW Marel I-cut 10 fixed weight portioning machine. Never been in production.

Marel I-cut 10

New, never used Marel I-cut 10, fixed weight and fixed size portioning machine.

The I-Cut 10 PortionCutter is an accurate and reliable portioning machine designed to give immediate results on your bottom line. With only a few touches to the control panel you can move away from inaccurate cutting by hand to accurate portions of boneless meat products – beef, pork and veal – on weight every time.

The I-Cut 10 enables you to make substantial savings on labour because of the speed and versatility of the machine. Improvements in yield will furthermore secure a very fast payback on your investment.

The design of the machine makes it very easy to clean securing a high hygienic level and the small footprint means it will t into almost any plant layout.

For more information, please click this link for the official Marel website.

Video of the actual machine

Fish Portioning

Meat Portioning

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