Multivac R175 CD Skin-pack thermoformer

  • Multivac R175 thermoformer
  • Multivac R175 thermoformer
  • Multivac R175 thermoformer
  • Multivac R175 thermoformer
  • Multivac R175 thermoformer
  • Multivac R175 thermoformer

Full automatic Multivac thermoformer with Skin-pack technology. In production since november 2014, available soon

Multivac R175 CD Skin-pack thermoformer

Full automatic skin-pack packaging machine

This Multivac R175 CD skin-pack thermoformer has been in production since November 2014. Very well maintained while this machine had a Multivac service contract.
This full automatic thermoformer comes with a 3 tray mould with a tray size of 270mm x 133mm, packing up to 10 cycles (30 trays) per minute. Delivered with a spare dome (packing process) and can be offered with 12 pallets black base film.

The R175 sits in the compact thermoforming range from Multivac, making it interesting for companies that are seeking a medium output in a compact production facility with little space.
Suitable for many types of products like meat, fish, cheese, vegetables, fruits and many more.

Darfresh / Skin-pack technology

The DARFRESH packaging process uses specially formulated top and bottom webs to create a vacuum skin consumer pack that fits around the product like a second skin. The top shrink web wraps itself firmly but gently around every contour of the product without distorting its shape. The bottom and top webs are then heat-sealed together right up to the product’s edges to produce a securely and hygienically sealed pack.

The result is a tray:

  • with a high vacuum that guarantees a long shelf life
  • with a practically invisible top web that surrounds the product like a second skin, giving it a natural look for maximum merchandising appeal
  • with total surface sealing that prevents juice migration and keeps surface decoration securely in place
  • with multicolour printing capabilities for increased communication and attractiveness
  • that can be competitively presented at PoS with multiple colour, imprint and label options
  • that guards against freezer burn during deep-freeze storage

For more specific information regarding the machine and skin-pack technology find the brochures in the Attachments tab and Video.

Key information:

  • Skin-pack (Darfresh) technology
  • Tray size: 270mm x 133mm
  • 3 trays per cycle
  • Max. output: 10 cycles (30 trays) per minute
  • In operation untill July 2017

Power supply:

  • 415/240V
  • 50Hz
  • 3/N/PE AC
  • 11,5 kW
  • 42A nominal
  • 50A maximum pre-fuse


Multivac R175 thermoformer

Multivac R175 thermoformer



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