Multivac R275cd skin-pack thermoformer

Superb condition Multivac R275cd skin-pack thermoformer. Only 360 production hours.

Multivac R275cd skin-pack thermoformer

Work with PAPER and PLASTIC, 360 production hours, FLAT-skin and MAP
Many options.

Only ±360 production hours, like new.

Multivac R275CD thermoformer capable of doing MAP (modified atmosphere packing) and SKIN-pack. Skin pack (or darfresh) is a film tightly secured around the product with a strong vacuum. For a very nice presentation of the product and longer shelflife benefits for numerous products.
The Multivac is equipped with 2 strong Busch pumps for the forming of the trays and for the vacuum necessary for the packing. Also equipped with 2 labellers for the top and the bottom of the tray. The top labeller has a printer for extra information like packing dates, barcodes etc.

The machine will be delivered with 3 mould sets and loads of spare parts.

Core facts of this machine.

  • 420mm film width
  • 270mm stroke length
  • Busch CB250/80 m3/h
  • Busch R5-RA 0100 m3/h
  • MR625 labelling
  • MR635 labelling
  • Mould #1: Click for documentation (here) (here)
    • packing dimension; 381mm x 270mm
    • tray dimension; 369mm x 255mm
  • Mould #2: Click for documentation (here) (here) (here)
    • packing dimenion; 127mm x 270mm
    • tray dimension; 109mm x 219,50mm
  • Mould #3: Click for photo’s of the tray (here) (here)

General Benefits;

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