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Rational is a leading brand for combisteamers like this CPC propane powered machine. Was in production till the very last day. In good working condition, ready to go.

Rational cpc 101G

Combisteamer Rational CPC 101 G

Rational is the leading company in producing top quality combisteamers. The same goes for this CPC101G propane powered model.
Setting up is a matter of seconds. The rational is easy to use and clean. Constructed completely from stainless steel this machine
will effortlessly last with years to come. It uses very little power while it’s propane powered.
Plug in the power supply, attached water in and a water outlet and you’re all set to use this machine in minutes.

The display will tell you exact temperatures and will work on a program ideally for your product.
This machine can process many different products in the most common groups as fish, meat and vegetables

Key features:

  • Compact
  • Installed and set-up in minutes
  • Completely stainless steel
  • Works on propane
  • Comes without the frame and insert plates/ trolley

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