Schut Sprinter S1000 carton sealer

Excellent working condition Schut Sprinter S1000. Machines hotmelts the boxes, see the video of the machine in a test run.

Sprinter S1000 carton sealer

Schut Systems offers top loading carton sealers in various speeds that can be integrated in an existing packaging line. The machine closes the carton made of duplex or corrugated cardboard and seals it with hotmelt.

This particular line is still in production till week 3 of June.
Very good working condition.

This machine comes complete with automatic box-unfolding unit. From there collected on a conveyor belt.
On the conveyor it allows to put product inside the unfolded box. The belt automatically brings the box with the product to the Sprinter that glues and closes the box.

It can only be offered as a complete line with the unfolding machine, belt, sprinter with glue unit.
Installation is negotiable



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