Ulma taurus 420 traysealer

  • Ulma taurus 420
  • Ulma taurus 420
  • Ulma taurus 420
  • Ulma taurus 420
  • Ulma taurus 420
  • Ulma taurus 420

Good working condition Ulma taurus 420 traysealer. Machine works completely automatic and works with vacuum and MAP.

Ulma taurus 420

Fully automatic traysealer

This Ulma Taurus 420 is a fully automatic traysealer with the possibility of modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) and vacuum packaging.
The tray transport system with rods are for a fully automatic safe and fast production
Automatic heat sealing machine, for the packaging of food products in pre-formed trays, closed with a film.

The Ulma TAURUS model is the perfect machine for the packing of fresh products (meat, fish, vegetables …) since the system allows to extend the life of the product compared to the traditional packaging in trays, maintaining a similar appearance.

Check the images for tray size.


Rugged construction machine built entirely in stainless steel and anodized aluminum and perfectly conditioned to work in humid environments (degree of protection IP 65).
Control panel integrated in the structure of the machine, consisting of:

  • Visualizer that allows the access of the control parameters of the machine / with control of production, memorization of 100 programs of operation, language selection and alarms screen.
  • Sealing temperature regulator.
  • Vacuum controller. (optional)
  • Start / stop button.
  • Emergency stop.

The TAURUS model guarantees the safety of the operator, complying with the EEC safety and security standards.

  • Security guards protect access to cutting and sealing systems during the production cycle.
  • The access doors are equipped with safety locks.
  • Mould changes are quick and simple to perform without the use of tools.
  • Feeding trolley with rods for pushing and positioning of the shelves, totally constructed in stainless steel, with a free zone of load 1500 mm. Which incorporates a waste recovery system.
  • Motorized outlet belt.
  • Film unwinder with tensioning brake.
  • Rewind rewind with motorized traction system.


  • Minimal maintenance.
  • Easily detachable guards.
  • Accessibility to all the elements of the machine thanks to the detachable guards.
  • Cleaning program, IP-65.

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