Webomatic ecomat double chamber vacuum machine

Excellent condition compact double chamber vacuum machine. Equipped with many options.

Webomatic ecomat double chamber vacuum machine

Good condition compact double chamber Webomatic vacuum machine.
Although the machine is very compact, it does have 2 large chambers with 4 large sealing bars.
Combined with a strong Busch R5 065 m3/h pump, the machine is capable of packing in fast production cycles.
With 4 sealbars with a length of 43cm together with a very deep vacuum chamber, this machine is also capable of packing large heavy vacuum pouches.

General information:

– Double chamber machine with 2 sealbars per chamber.
– Power: 1,5 kW, 3,6 A
– Maschine Dimensions: 980 x 710 x 980 mm (b-t-h)
– Chamber Dimensions: 440 x 600 x 180 mm (b-t-h)
– Sealbars: 4 x 430 mm
– Chamber depth: 500 mm
– Vacuum pump: Busch R5 065 m3/h
– Computer 3000 S
* 10 pre-progammed programs
* Vacuum, Soft-Air (ESA) and gas-flush (MAP), Sensor controlled.
* Double seal (beide Siegeldrähte einzeln regelbar)
* Vacuum-Stop and Programm-Stop-Function

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