Wolfking belam Injector

  • wolfking belam needles
  • wolfking belam needles
  • wolfking belam injector
  • wolfking belam injection
  • wolfking belam injector

This former CFS injector from Belam comes complete with brine mixing tank and filter. Ideal machine for fish and several parts of poultry injection. This machine has 1 needle bridge with 450 needles. Fully operational.

Wolfking belam injector

Complete with brine mixing tank

The Wolfking Belam brine injector is the perfect machine for fish and for many parts from chicken with a compact height.
This Injector comes with the complete set-up

  • Brine mixing tank, the tank is attached to the
  • Brine filter. The brine filter tank and filter will re-use water from the injector to minimize water loss.
    Once water level is low the water from the brine mixing tank can be used to fill the wolfking back-up
  • Injector with 450 needles. The product is placed on the white intralox belt and the machine does the rest.
    Setting it up is very easy with the controls on the back of the machine.


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